Made under the editorship of authority in Macrobiotic theory who is nominated to Nobel peace prize Macrobiotic Enzyme Stick

Premium Macrobiotic Enzyme 腸美人酵素

Fermentated in 3 steps, and matured over 80 different kinds of stringently chosen ingredients based on the Macrobiotic Theory,  for over 6 years.

「Macrobiotic Enzyme」is the only enzyme that is produced by Michio Kushi,
who is the world wide authority of Macrobiotic theory as well as two time nominee of Nobel Peace Prize
Over 80 diffrent kinds of vegetables, fruits, grains, etc
included in the 「Macrobiotic Enzyme」 has been made in Brazil, so called as "Paradaise of Life"
The 「Macrobiotic Enzyme」has been fermentated in 3 original steps then matured over 6 years.
The 100% Enzyme drink will lead the body to become beautiful from the inside.
It will increase the metabolism of the body and lead to fit body.
We encourage the whole new inner beauty habit with Macrobiotic Enzye,
and dedicate this「Macrobiotic Enzyme」to all the lady who want to fulfill their need to become healthy, and beautiful.




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100% concentrated solution of enzyme / Vegetables fermentated food

Made with the best ingredient

Stringently selected over 80 different kinds of vegetables, fruits, graints, etc., based on macrobiotic theory
Under the guidance of IBD which is the only organic certification organization in Brazil,
we made 100% concentrated solution of enzyme with high nutrition value ingredients


Enzyme drink that is best for Fasting

Additive-free, No white sugar, 100% concentrated solution of enzyme

Good for diet and to discharge toxin that is pooled in the body,
and make better enviroment of the intestine
Macrobiotic Enzyme is best for fasting since the molecules of the enzyme has become smaller through long term fermentation,
and is easy for the body to absorve
the nutrition, and minerals that is necessary for the body with good balance


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